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Guitar Makers

We feature the work of SCGS member Stuart Christie, a fine guitar maker based in north Hampshire. Me and my guitar gives you a glimpse of what instruments our members play, and drool over some Dream guitars past and present

Stuart Christie


Luthiers don't grow on trees!

We like to feature the work of those SCGS members who work professionally in the world of classical guitar. We have several fine performers, teachers and composer/arrangers. But only one luthier.

Meet Stuart Christie, watch a video about his guitar-making process and hear Amanda Cook play instruments from the Christie workshop.
Stuart Christie

Me and my guitar

Instruments our members play
This page is in development, but if you want to see the story so far click on the button (right). When the page is complete, expect to see a range of instruments for beginners to advanced players.
Me and my guitar
Patrick Burke.png

Click on this icon for contact details to Patrick Burke's Guitar Studio in Carshalton.


Supplier of guitars to the Eden-Stell Guitar Duo. Christopher Dean is based in Oxfordshire.


A bit further afield is Earl Marsh whose workshop is in Boston, Lincolnshire.

David Merrin.png

David Merrin works in Olney, Buckinghamshire. He can often be found playing one of his own guitars at Milton Keynes Classical Guitar Society.

Rohan Lowe.png

Based at Newark in Nottinghamshire, Rohan Lowe has been making guitars professionally since 1995. 


Romanillos is a legend. A pre-owned Jose Romanillos with a pedigree might set you back £20k. Son Liam continues the family tradition in his worksop in the Dorset town of Gillingham. Click on the icon to read about Romanillos, father and son, at Classic Guitars International


And don't forget our very own Stuart Christie. Visit his website by clicking on his logo (left) or visit his page on our site here

luthier directory.png

Dream guitars

Dream Guitars
We can't list every maker of fine, hand-built classical guitars. First up is an international directory. Then a few selected luthiers. And don't worry they're not all as expensive as the Romanillos listed (right) at the London Guitar Studio.

More luthiers than you can shake a stick at in this international directory. Useful links to their websites and Google maps will help find them in the real world.

Philip Woodfield.png

Philip Woodfield has been making guitars for more than 30 years in his East Sussex workshop.

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