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Stuart Christie

Classical guitar has been part of Stuart’s life since university days, and throughout his first career as a General Practitioner. Like many luthiers before him, Stuart was inspired by Irving Sloane’s book Making Classic Guitars and started to learn the craft in his spare time. He decided to switch careers in 2013 and set up his workshop in the north Hampshire countryside. 
Stuart is self-taught, with help over the years from other luthiers, including Peter Barton, Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena. He relishes the mix of science, art and craft needed to produce fine instruments and continues to hone these skills through research and experience in the workshop.

His guitars are traditional in construction and sound, influenced as they are by the great makers Jose Romanillos, Torres and Hauser. He aims for responsive guitars, easy to play, with a full palate of tone colours.
Stuart’s passion for the guitar is reflected in his outstanding workmanship, from the careful preparation of the sound board of his light-bodied Torres design to the rosettes and decorative elements of his Romanillos model.
Why not talk to Stuart at SCGS member meetings where he's a regular.
Or call him at 07768 131330
Or email
You can also find him on Facebook.

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If you're browsing from further north in England, try Ed Peczek at the Classical Guitar Academy in Derby. He has a range of fine guitars for sale, including a couple of Christies: a copy of Julian Bream’s 1973 José Romanillos guitar;  a guitar based on a design by Jeffrey Elliott.

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Amanda Cook plays Torija by Federico Moreno Torroba on a Stuart Christie guitar

This video was shot for the 2021 Classical Minds Festival. Stuart talks about the process of crafting a fine, hand-made guitar. Amanda Cook plays

Selina Copley plays Belle Gavotte by Jose Ferrer on a 2017 Stuart Christie 640mm scale length spruce guitar.
Recorded on an iPhone using an Apogee mic

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