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Tributes to Julian Bream

Posted on the first anniversary of Julian Bream's death, this page brings together tributes to this legendary guitarist, lutenist and musician.

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Posted Aug-2021

Sean Rafferty presents a tribute to Julian Bream,  broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Friday 14th August 2020. The programme Includes excerpts from Julian's appearance on Dessert Island Disks, an interview with John Williams and some wonderful playing: Bach, Matthew Arnold, Dowland, Britten and more...

Posted Aug-2021

Birtwistle title.png
Birtwistle’s manuscript was more or less playable as it stood. The most mysterious thing was the title, neatly inscribed in block capitals: BEHOND THE WHITE HAND. Behond? Was this a Mallarmé-like play of sounds—beyond and behold—or a mistake? And how to bring it up without appearing unsophisticated? But Harry (Birtwistle) told me on the phone it was just a mistake: beyond. By then, Julian had become used to behond and was rather inclined to defend it. In the end, the word remains available for other composers to use...
The full text of Jonathan Leatherwood's article, published in the Vortex Music Journal, is available here.....

Posted Aug-2021

Laura Snowden remembers Julian Bream


Laura Snowden with composer Julian Anderson and Julian Bream (right). Photo by Graham Wade.

The full text of Laura Snowden's tribute, published in the Vortex Music Journal, is available here.....
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